Beauty Review: Stylash Cebu

Having very long and thick lashes have been one of women’s known desire since the early days. Eyes with fluttery lashes just makes someone extra pretty without all the fuss of putting eye make up.

Some of us have experienced cutting their lashes during their childhood, with the belief that it will give them thicker and longer lashes once it grows out. But, there’s no scientific explanation behind that.

As for me, I have been blessed with longer lashes and with a few swipes of my mascara, I can actually have thick and long lashes. It’s like I’m wearing extensions. Haha.

But for my best friend who has monolid eyes (chinita/Chinese looking eyes), her lashes are short and almost non existent. (Sorry best, hehe. Just trying to picture it out realistically. 😉 )

These past few months, she’s been talking to me about her interest with eyelash extensions. And it so happened that it was almost Christmas. So, I, as her best friend, was having a hard time thinking of a gift for her. So we decided that I treat her to have permanent eyelash extensions.

We went to a popular eyelash extension specialist in Cebu. They’re actually just new here and they originated from Manila.

Welcome to Stylash!

As we entered the store, it was well lit, and the ambiance just shouts posh, pink and cute! Well, I’m not really a fan of the very girly stuff, but my best friend does, so I’m thinking she really likes the place.
What I loved was their very comfortable chair. I felt very beautiful just by sitting there.

So, here’s what we were choosing from:


FULL DIVA -300 pieces/ 150 per eye, Php1600.00


a. SUPERSTAR: 240 pcs both eyes; Php1200.00    b. GLAMOROUS – 200 pcs both eyes; Php1000.00 c. NATURAL – 160 pcs both eyes; Php800.00



FULL DIVA -300 pieces/ 150 per eye, Php1600.00

My bestfriend chose the Superstar Style with 10mm long lashes.
So she will be having 240 pieces of eyelash extensions for both eyes.

And you know what’s more amazing from our visit? We were able to avail of their 50% off promo! What a bargain! 🙂 We only paid Php600 (originally Php1200) for the service. Sweet!

So here’s my best friend before the application:
12108230_10207891336419831_2114266807209896586_n (1)

During the application:

After the application:

(She said that she was actually very teary eyed, but the attendant assured her that it was natural for her to feel a bit of a burning sensation in her eyes because of the adhesive used to stick the lashes into her lash line. But feeling will wear off eventually.)

I really loved her new look! She just looks pretty. It’s like she has make up all the time, and she can definitely nail that “I woke up like this” selfies. Hehe.

So I had to ask my best friend about her experience and her verdict about the service. We did a mini interview.

1. What is/are the reasons for having eyelash extensions?
First and foremost the reason why I chose to have eyelash extensions because is it’s free. (Lol). Last December I was asked by my best friend what I want for Christmas and she gave me 3 choices: facial scrub , foot spa and eyelash extensions. Since I have minimal eye lashes, I decided to choose eyelash extensions.

2. During the process of putting the lashes, what did you feel?
During the process, while putting the tape in my eyes to be honest, I felt scared. (First timer) hehe. The attendant asked, “Is it your first time mam?”, I replied, “yes.” Hehe.
And she continued and said, “just close your eyes and don’t open it. I will start now Ma’am”, she said.
While putting the glue I felt a burning sensation. I never asked why. But she said asked, “Mam, do you feel a burning sensation?”, and I said yes. And she then told me that its a natural reaction. I just kept quite. I’m afraid when I will talk to her I might open my eyes. I’m afraid what will happen to my eyes if the glue will get inside of it. As the procedure went on, I did not think anything bad for my eyes. I just force my self to relax and sleep.

3. What sensations did you felt after the application of lashes?
After the application , while slowly opening my eyes I still felt the burning sensation because of the glue. And they said its normal. While looking at my face at the mirror , my best friend said, “Wow best, gwapa kaayu ka (Wow best you look so beautiful!) Hehe. I feel so fresh. I felt so beautiful. My eyes are glowing.

4. How was your overall experience?
My overall experience was even though I felt scared but the attendant kept on asking me If I’m ok. Even though I did not asked her, but she oriented me of what will happen during the procedure. I feel so happy because I feel more beautiful… Tiis Ganda eh. Hehe

5. Rating
My rate for the shop would be 9/10. They entertained me very well. They gave me a proper orientation about the procedure.

6. Condition of the lashes
Do not wash your face 24 hrs after the session.
Do not touch your eyelashes
Do not sleep face down just up
Do not rub your eyes
While washing your face avoid to touch your eyelashes.

7. Eyelashes’ condition after 1 week

As we can see, the lashes are still there. My best friend can effortlessly go out without any eye make up at all! Nice one indeed. 🙂

Here are some additional information about the having eyelash extensions:

1. Anyone can have it. There’s no set age limit, but it’s quite understandable that children below 10 or 5 won’t be allowed, for after care purposes. If you are someone who wears eyeglasses on a daily basis, you will be advised to use 8mm to 10mm lashes only. Because it will definitely be a nuisance to your vision of your new long lashes keeps touching your eyeglasses. Also, for those who wear contact lenses on a daily basis, it’s not advisable to have extensions or extra care should be taken, since the adhesive used might irritate your eyes, given that you already have a foreign object in your eyes.

2. It’s a 30 minute to 1 hour procedure. Along the process, you will experience a slight burning sensation due to the glue that they use to stick the lashes to your natural lash line. Don’t worry, they provide you with mini electric fans for the process.

3. You need to strictly follow the after care procedure of the lashes if you want it to last for its life span of 3 months.

4. Here are some tips:
Do not wash your face 24 hours after the session.
Do not touch your eyelashes
Do not sleep face down just up
Do not rub your eyes
While washing your face avoid to touch your eyelashes.

Here are more tips found in the shop:

Here are some selfies we took after her eyelash extension appointment.

Well, I hope you learn more about this beauty trend, or at least helped you decide to have one or not. 🙂

For me, I’m quiet contented with my eyelashes. I’m good to go with mascaras.

That’s all for now. And oh, we capped off our Beauty Pampering day with a sumptuous dinner at Choobi Choobi.

Jem ❤

(Know more about Stylash here —>

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