#JemEats: Lab-as Seafood Restaurant

When we visited Dumaguete last April 2016, we arrived at the city after lunch time. Our tummies are rumbling and perfectly, the first item on our agenda upon arriving is to eat at a seafood restaurant.

Lab-as Seafood Restaurant is a cool and cozy place fronting the Dumaguete City Bay.

We arrived around 2:00PM on a Saturday, thus we were the only customers during that time. But the place is usually a crowded place during lunch time and dinner time and most especially on weekends.

We were welcomed with  many lush ornamental plants and a small flowing pond filled with koi fishes. The majority of the place is made of wood, so even if the place is a bit secluded, it was not humid at all. It also has good air conditioning. I’m not sure though if there AC can provide the same coolness we had if the place is packed.

The food was also okay. I will not say that it was the best because I know other places that can serve great seafood. But their seafood won’t disappoint either. We ordered the following:
• Halaan
• Camiguin Express
• Steamed Tangigue
• Garlic shrimp
• Grilled Pork Belly
• Rice
• Lemon Juice
• Green Salad


Green Salad


Steamed Tangigue

A notable plate that I liked was the Camiguin Express. It’s quite similar to the Cordova Express of Lantaw Native Restaurant but with a unique taste. Their version was milkier and smooth to the taste compared to Lantaw’s version which was milky, smooth with a spicy kick. Personally, I’d still choose Lantaw’s Cordova Express since it has more assortments of seafood compared to the Camiguin Express which only had squid and grilled pork meat.


Camiguin Express

Price range was around Php100 to Php500. Some seafood like lobster and crab were sold per 60grams, starting at Php100. I think this will make your bill soar high if you’re not mindful of the serving.


I forgot to take a picture of their menu, so I grabbed a sample from another site. If you want to know more about their pricing, click on the image or HERE.


Unfortunately, the serving was bad to average. It took an estimate of 30 minutes for our order to be served. For me, this is not acceptable considering that we were the only customers during our visit. And they gave us a 15-20 minutes prep time.
Also at that time, the place was setting up for a pay-per-view event of Manny Pacquiao’s boxing the next day. I get it that we ate past lunch time, but this does not give them an excuse to move about like there are no customers eating. It’s as if they were not mindful that we were there and eating.


6 out of 10
I gave a 6 because I was a bit disappointed with the service and as far as their menu shows, I’d still choose Lantaw Native Restaurant in Cordova and Gerry’s Grill in Cebu City over this restaurant. I do like the exclusivity of the place and the arrangement of the ornamental plants.


We’re actually really starving. Lol.


One more shot!

How about you? Have you been to this place? Let’s talk about it at the Comment Section below.
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Jem ❤

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