#JemReviews: It’s Skin’s Power 10 Formula VC Effector

Hello Everyone!

Today we are going to talk about a product that is a cult favorite and is becoming one of my holy grail skincare item as well.

This is the Power 10 Formula VC Effector from It’s Skin.

Who is It’s Skin?
It’s Skin is a Korean cosmetics and skin care company based in Seoul, Korea. Its brand concept focuses on Clinical studies to produce good ingredients for the skin, their interest on skin and the many changes that it undergoes. Combined, the company’s vision to provide solutions for your skin care.

What are its purpose and claims?
The Power 10 Formula VC effector is a brightening serum enriched with Vit. C and green tea extracts to brighten skin and lighten freckles. It contains Vit C that has been clinically proven to enhance collagen synthesis, which fills in wrinkles and promotes a fair and healthy complexion.

How much is the price?
I bought the product for Php 390.00 at Althea Korea, an online Korean beauty shop.

Where did I buy this?
I discovered and purchased this item from Althea Korea, an online Korean beauty store that sells the widest variety Korean beauty products and skin care. I purchased this together with a couple of other skin care products. Orders that reach a minimum of Php1,500.00  can avail of free shipping.
The items arrived 1 week after I made the order, which was surprising since they gave me a shipping period of 15 days (2 weeks).

Packaging –
The product is contained in a 30ml yellow glass bottle with a plastic cap. It has a medicine dropper to dispense the product.
The product looks sophisticated and high-end but is actually affordable with its price tag. It’s also hygienic since the product has its own dispenser, thus this will prevent contamination of the product. Also, the dispenser dispenses enough amount per drop, so there is less waste for this product.

Describing the product –
The serum has semi white color, a citrus scent, with a light formulation contributing to its light stickiness. It glides easily and is absorbed quickly by the skin. It gives off a cool sensation and you can really tell that it’s really good for the skin.
It feels rejuvenating and gives off a brightening effect after application.
The amount of the product can last me 1 and ½ month.

How I use the product:
I use this as part of my daily skincare regimen, during day and night. I only use 3 drops for my face and 1 drop for my neck area.
For daytime, I use this together with my eye cream and Olay day cream moisturizer.
For night time (before going bed), I use this together with my eye cream and aloe vera gel moisturizer.

Effects on my skin:
I have a combination skin, which is oily on the T-zone area and dry on the cheek area.
The serum was true to its claims. After the 1st week of using it, I have seen the improvement of my skin tone and I can see and feel my face to be less dry and more healthy.
After the 2nd week, some of my spots were lightened.
Onward to a month of using it, I have been going out without using a foundation, just concealer to cover my under eye circles. Sometimes I even go to work with no makeup, just some moisturizer and primer to seal in the product. I use a compact face powder from time to time, but I can definitely see the lesser need for a foundation.

I will not say that the product achieved all these improvements alone, but it greatly contributed to the overall improvements of my facial complexion.


It is a very effective product. It’s true to its claims
The dispenser prevents contamination and wastage
It has a pleasant smell
The packaging makes the product look like a high-end skin serum
It’s affordable
It’s easily accessible via Althea PH

Maybe just the amount of the product. It’s only 30ml. I wished it was 50ml, but for Php390.00? It’s a good skin investment for me.

Will I buy this again?
YES. I plan to stock up on this product and try its other variants. It has 10 variants, and I’m done with the CO  Effector, I have 9 more variants to try.


Will I recommend this product?
YES.  If you are not a slowpoke when it comes to taking care of your skin, then this is definitely a try. It’s best paired with a moisturizer, so extra effort and consistency is needed. I have recommended this to my mom as well, and she also liked the product.

I hope you find this review helpful.
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And last thing! Here’s a small treat for you all 🙂

Have a great day! 😉

Jem ❤

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