Who’s Jem?

Jemarie Jane Pleños Augusto

IMG_20150807_161221 (2)

That’s me, but you can call me Jem, as what I named this blog after. I am avoiding lengthy introductions about myself, as I believe that our lives are in a constant change.

So if I introduce to you a detailed description of me now, there’s a big probability that it won’t be the same me in a year or so.

 There are only a few facts that remain the same throughout the years. Here are mine:

 I was born last June 20, 1991. I stand at 5’3″, slim built, fair complexion or you can just look at the image above and you’ll get the picture. 🙂

I am a proud Cebuana and I come from the beautiful island of Mactan, Cebu City. I am also presently residing in the same location, but who knows, that might be changed also in the years to come. 😉

 I am a college graduate with a degree in Communications from Cebu Normal University and I am presently fully employed in a market research company.

 I love reading and writing thus this blog was born. I consider this my baby project and one of my life’s biggest and significant goal.

 Get to know more about me as you tour around my blog. Enjoy!


 Why did I named my blog like that?

Well, you see I was a writer back then. A few years forward to my career, I shifted to a different job and I kind of lost grasp of my passion in writing and left this blog defunct. Now I wanted and needed to ignite that passion I have by dedicating my time and effort here aside from working on my career.

 This blog will also serve as my life journal and anything that worth’s sharing and informative.  This will show you my takes on movies, books, places I’ve been to, things I’ve tried and anything that worth sharing under the sun.

 Spontaneity is the key, and that’s what I aim this to be.

I have always promised myself to always go back into what I love doing.
So, Jem will always write again.